Garage Door Repair

Six Ways to Keep Garage Doors in Good Condition

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According to garage door experts, there are six easy ways to keep garage doors from breaking easily. The rough elements, as well as other environment conditions, may cause your garage door to malfunction and break down entirely; however, by regularly tuning up your garage door through these ten easy ways, you should be able to protect your garage door from repair work as well as save yourself a lot of money on the costs of unexpected fixing.

  1. Observe Your Garage Door.

    The first step to making sure your garage door is in good condition is to observe and inspect it regularly and to make sure not a single crack has appeared on your door. Visible damages often point to garage door problems that must be fixed as soon as possible. Aside from visually inspecting your garage door, listen to it whenever you use it. A damaged garage door may make annoying noise such as grinding and screeching when in use.

  2. Make Sure Your Garage Door is Properly Balanced.

    Over time, a garage door may lose its balance. Garage door springs are responsible for making sure your garage door is balanced. With unbalanced pieces, a garage door may have to work doubly hard, and this could lead is to breaking apart sooner. Get professionals to balance your garage door.

  3. Tighten the Smaller Bolts and Pieces on Your Garage Door.

    Movement and vibration in garage doors may loosen up the smaller bolts and pieces over time. Tightening the smaller pieces on garage doors makes the whole garage door work quietly and smoothly. This can be accomplished with a single socket wrench.

  4. Clear the Tracks on all Sides of Your Garage Door.

    The tracks on the sides of your garage door can get filled with dust, grime, and other ghastly stuff over time. Clearing the tracks regularly will make your garage door function quietly.

  5. Check the Cables Regularly.

    The cables that lift the garage door can break due to the stress that is put on them for carrying the heavy garage door. Take note, a garage door can weigh 150 to 350 pounds. Fortunately, used cables show signs of breakage. If you can spot cuts and breaks on the cables that lift the garage door, get it repaired by a garage door technician immediately.

  6. Clean the Exterior of Your Garage Door.

    Finally, make sure the exterior of your garage door is pristine. Although the exterior features of your garage door do not directly cause it to slow down or work poorly, the dust and grime build up may cause it to be heavier and may make it prone to breaking.

What to Do When Garage Doors Break

When you find yourself dealing with a garage door, it is always recommended to contact a garage door technician to assist you with your garage door. Garage door professionals are trained to handle even the most complex garage door repair so having them on speed dial means you'll always have reliable professionals to assist you with your garage door system.